Family Law / Divorce

At the Anhalt Law Office we represent clients in the following family law matters: Divorce (Contested or Uncontested), Spousal Support, Child Support, Child Custody, Adoption, Property Division and Legal Separation.

Our objective is to resolve civil disagreements through negotiation and settlement to save you time, money and stress. As Officers of the Court, we always treat our clients with kindness, compassion and respect. We use a team approach in our representation because it is the most thorough method in determining the best legal strategy for our clients. Our goal is to tailor our representation to meet the unique set of needs and priorities of each client we represent. As your legal advocate, we will communicate with you, promptly return your phone calls, answer your questions, and represent you to the best of our ability.



In the State of California, employers must maintain Workers Compensation Insurance as protection for employees.  If you were injured at work or in a work-related activity or become ill at work you may be entitled to the following benefits: Medical care, travel and mileage to receive medical care, temporary and permanent disability benefits for lost income,  and supplemental displacement benefits.

You must report your injury to your employer as soon as you learn or believe that the injury may have been caused by performing work.  Injuries and disabilities can be caused by an isolated accident or from repetitive work motions, or repeated exposure to toxic chemicals.

Your employer is required by law to provide you a claim form within one working day after learning of your injury or illness. Understanding the full extent of the workplace injury, including all of the circumstances surrounding your injury, can make the difference between being justly compensated and having your claim denied.

Our attorney fees are set by law and are dependent upon the injured worker obtaining a settlement or an award. We do not receive payment for work on your behalf unless you prevail on your claim.